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Bloom 1.2.1 ; eMail Opt-In WordPress Plugin

Free Bloom WordPress Plugin gives you all the tools you need to turn your website’s visitors into loyal followers and customers. Not only is Bloom Plugin going to convert extremely well, it’s going to look great doing it.

Bloom Plugin ; ElegantThemes Features

  • More Email Subscribers
  • Highly Targeted Content
  • Elegant Design Options
  • Pick From 6 Different Display Types
  • Automatic Opt-In Pop-Up
  • Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins
  • Inline Opt-In Forms
  • Below Content Opt-In Forms
  • Widget Area Opt-In Forms
  • Require Opt-In To Unlock Content
  • Automatic Pop-Up & Fly-In Triggers
  • 16 Email Marketing Integrations
  • An Elegant Approach To Design
  • Highly Targeted Display Settings

Download Nulled Bloom Plugin ; ElegantThemes

Download Bloom Plugin ; ElegantThemes

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